We’re Swift, Sure…
We maintain current insurance and operating authority files on each of our carriers, we have a licensed customs broker on staff and we provide the most capable logistical support to ensure quality transportation of goods.  Using a computer-controlled environment and satellite tracking, when available, we ensure that all shipments are delivered quickly and efficiently.  As a matter of fact, Can-Tran Intl. Inc. offers such a reliable, one-stop shopping service for local and worldwide shipments, that many of our clients view Can-Tran Intl. Inc. as their complete transportation department.

Our commitment as a full-service company means we also provide on-site supervision and logistics for project management, including worldwide access to ports and support services such as cranes, crating and tie-down.

…and Flexible.
With wide availability of trucks, and access to a world of trains, planes and ships, we have the flexibility to react immediately to every request.  Our primary goal is to serve our clients so efficiently that we contribute to their success.

Although the logistics of transporting and distributing anything or anywhere can be pretty complicated at times, our premise is very simple: If we deliver our client’s shipments on time, on budget and in good shape – every time – they’ll call us again.  And they do!

Whatever it takes…
Truck, train, plane or ship. – We get every shipment where it’s going, regardless of the size or complexity of the job.  And we get it there trouble-free.  Because, in addition to providing our clients with a vast array of options, we simplify the process by untangling the complex web of North American and International transportation corridors.

That means that more than any other freight forwarding company, Can-Tran Intl. Inc. can expand the horizons and increase the profitability of any company that is importing or exporting anything, anywhere.

We Get Around… The World!



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